CART, India

Cart people learned about the firefly via the article in Energy for Sustainable Development. In 1996, they contacted me and I sent the manual to mr. Ravikumar, chief coordinator of CART. In 1999, mr. Deepak Malghan mailed me:

My group is called Centre for Appropriate Rural Technologies (CART). CART is based in a town called Mysore in S.India. We have in the last two years, built and installed four firefly systems and lab tested a couple of others. One of the sites, it has been working very well without any problems.

December 1999, he mailed me a set of pictures. For more information about CART, see

Firefly charger at work.

Making the blades.

A runner, with the side disk and blades it is made from.

Nozzle and runner

    Bottom view of the charger

Charger, without covers.

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