Experiences with the
Firefly Micro Hydro system

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by Jan Portegijs

Build a small runner from scrap metal using brass soldering and fit it straight to the shaft of an old car alternator. Make a nozzle so that a rather large flow of water hits the runner blades at the right angle. Then build a frame to support those parts, covers to keep the alternator part dry and a switchboard to controll the charging process. Find streaming water with a drop of 5 m or more or dig a canal downstream with minimal slope to create a site with sufficient drop. Use a 2.5" or 3" PE pipe or firehose to get the water to the charger and you can charge car batteries. Charged batteries can be used to light houses, power a radio, maybe a small television set. This all could be done for investment costs per house as low as 1/10-th of the investment costs of a solar home system.

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The first time the first prototype charger produced electricity. It was my 34-th birthday and I was a happy man.

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